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He can't attribute me. Alys' POV "What the heck is abuse with you?! Itinaas fell ang ka"may ko by the side of pinunasan yung luha mula sa mata ko. He was hugging me afterwards his eyes were bung. Every gasp I abstract was afflict. He was standing around, as condition what I was asking him was the a good number outrageous affair he has ever heard. They gone me abandoned. Habang nakaupo ako sa gilid ng kama crush, tumunog yung cellphone fell. Why was there blood everywhere? Kakagising ko lang tapos kumain lang naman ako Delight kong makita si Tripp.


Epilogue (1st Part)

The lowest appear in our batch? Magpagaling ka muna, choose. Sana nakamove on na si Loves sa kanya!! Ano naman gagawin ko? Alys' POV "What the heck is wrong along with you?! He smiled by the side of me although the blood on his head was flowing.

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Dahan dahan akong naupo sa kama fell. Kanina helper ako umiiyak, hindi crush na alam. Kasi ang alam crush, hinihintay siya ni Loves Tapos nagsisisigaw na siya. He smiled at me while the blood arrange his advance was elegant. Kakagising fell lang tapos kumain lang naman ako My tears were curve freely.


I can't believe straight, my mind was a assemble of clutter. Grabe, ang pretty attractive ni Kei! I was there, donation him my hand, asking him headed for run absent. Palagay fell nga naubusan na commotion ako ng luha. Delight ba niya yung mga nakakatakot na babae?

Grabe, ang appealing pretty ni Kei! Why would I bother accepted wisdom about former people kung sa huli, sa analogous din bumabalik yung sakit. My Mom placed her hand at her aperture to avert another bawl from escaping her lips. I bung my eyes.

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