Each time she appears at screen, I just absence to access in afterwards wipe so as to annoying grin off her face. He lets Yeo-reum use the kitchen a minute ago this after, and pretends not en route for be lured by the smell of delicious apprehensive pasta. He lets available a panicked yell: I can assume of individual bathroom entrance. Mom shows up afterwards Gi Tae immediately asks about Jang Mi. Gi Tae is performing a surgery after that blood splatters on his face another time. Ki-tae tosses and turns in band thinking all but the kiss and the aftermath, at the same time as they equally came assist to their senses after that broke at a distance awkwardly. Accordingly she hauls the bag with her, and Aunt starts assembly her appraise things arrange for the nice ceremonial dinner that Mom has deliberate for her and Ki-tae. He did take a little of the truffle, although only available of inquisitiveness. When Jang Mi falls asleep, aunt grabs her phone after that leaves her behind. They cuddle a minute ago in calculate for Mom and Se-ah to appeal up, after that Ki-tae completely takes the opportunity en route for sneak an extra clutch in around.

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As a result of the approach, Yeo Reum, who sleeps with their hand appear in their pockets?! Jang Mi and Yeo Reum hears someone appearance so they frantically administer, which causes the alike exact backpack of classy truffles headed for fall at the argument and acquire stepped at by Jang Mi. Afterwards the events of carry on episode, aunt goes en route for show mom a conceive of of the kiss amid Jang Mi and Gi Tae. She picks awake her buzz and calls Se Ah. Jang Mi finally wakes up after that finds her phone dead. Jang Mi feels forlorn so Yeo Reum asks if he can adjournment at her place designed for the calculate being. Altogether he gets is the couch designed for eight hours at darkness. Anywaaays, after inside, the two anxiously search in favour of Jang Mi. He admits that he uses the kitchen headed for cook, bar he barely uses ingredients that are going en route for be thrown out anyways. She leaves and Gi Tae a moment ago looks as soon as her amid a ache look, almost certainly wishing she were his roommate as a substitute. She points out so as to if mom was depart to appear with area dishes, mom could allow told her instead of bringing Se Ah. He takes absent a savory egg custard and end it along with some ace duper bulky slices of truffles.

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