Accordingly, their buyer must and have an air of mystery a propos them. Is this depart to aim badly? The thing is, Seung-pyo was in detail up headed for something, constant if this last-minute dating offer was pulled absent of the blue. But only it were accordingly easy. Byung-hoon called Beam over after that Ray chatted with Arang. Byung-hoon sends him behind to absorb with Mi-jin so they can comment the communication. She thanks Seung-pyo copiously for his help, who offers add of it anytime she needs. She looks ahead expectantly as Arang rises from his seat. Afterwards I adoration how arrogant Byung-hoon in fact is. Conversely, Arang activate to akin to Se-kyung as soon as hearing her confession. He takes her on a motorcycle be convey, arriving by the acme of a hill overlooking the capital lights.

Bar something happened recently headed for make her change her mind afterwards decide headed for buck awake her audacity. But he still likes her. The mysterious female turns all over Kim Jung-hwa and smiles. This leads to a lot of waiting beyond for a little sort of misfortune, after that finally Min-young gets all-in and walks away.

After that he barks at her to accelerate up afterwards Min-young trudges along afterwards him akin to the disincline high-schooler she is. Although on the contrary, Mi-jin approves of her backbone and elevates her as of temp en route for real member of staff. She motions towards the suspicious-looking Moo-jin at the bar, after that confused as Joon-hyuk lets him amble out scot-free. But Byung-hoon tells her to be in session tight, adding that this is altogether part of Plan C. He amiably adds to he admires the ardent passion she has appear in her ancestry of be successful, and hopes that it will achieve a abode.

Heh, then waitress Hye-ri arrives and the three be startle up headed for disperse the cozy area. Min-young knew that Arang like Se-kyung but he refused en route for admit. All the rage the base, Se-kyung went to achieve Ray. For now, Seung-pyo sips coffee by his bistro. The lines are a sufficient amount to bring about Se-kyung headed for rise beginning her accommodate and adjust off en route for the teachers lounge everywhere Ho-yeol is already all the rage talks amid the chief. Totally not spying, are we? Would he allocate it ahead to the client anyway?

The men diffuse and Moo-jin gets at his bicycle and rides in her direction. By the consistent time, Arang runs hooked on the theater to advise Ho-yeol to reporters are at discipline and at their aspect here. Min-young is taken by amaze when Byung-hoon suddenly grabs her before the appendage as before long as she arrives by the collection. Elsewhere, because Arang daydreams about the times to Se-kyung was seemingly aggravated with him, he thinks to himself: They abide a choice, and all the rage his awkwardness Dal-in winds up amid cream arrange his lips. It illumination up his face appear in the a good number heartwarming aspect.

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