Video: Basics of Home Brewing: The Anatomy of a Cornelius (Corny) Keg

Addendum that the plug column o-rings are not by a long chalk removed, as a result should be kept arrange during maintenance and sanitizing unless the keg is being absolutely rebuilt. Assessment the regulator stems after that cap in favour of any doable leaks along with a bubbly water blend or beaker cleaner. I use Lone Step headed for sanitize along with. Before allocation remove the Co2 hosepipe from the keg. The components consist of the keg boiler, a extended liquid bathe tube after that o-ring, a short chatter dip hose and o-ring, one closure and o-ring, a bulldoze relief regulator for the lid, individual gas ad post amid o-ring, lone liquid advert post along with o-ring, after that two insignificant poppet valves that add inside the plugs posts. It is easy headed for use after that there is no rinsing. Be all right to amputate the o-rings during this process, after that replace them if basic. Adjust the cap before breaking it loose along with the great compliment of your hand or else a rubber mallet. Condition rebuilding a keg, altogether of the o-rings are usually replaced with another ones, because they be capable of absorb soda odors, afterwards possibly harbor bacteria afterwards the approximate.